"LULU" - 16"
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"LULU" - 1 of 1

I'd like to introduce you to Lulu.

This little bear is 16" tall and is made from a
home-dyed dense alpaca resulting in a wonderful
colour that seems to vary slightly according to lighting.
(The photos here on my monitor look true to colour).
Her pawpads and footpads are made from
faux cashmere in a pretty green colour which
really enhances the main colour of the bear.

Lulu is fully jointed using stainless steel nut and
bolt joints and these have been tensioned to produce a
new loose-limbed bear that can be either displayed "relaxed"
against another bear or sitting up properly as usual.

She has been filled with polyester fibre to produce
a perfect mix which is firm but with a super soft feeling,
you have to hold her to know! She has a small bag of
steel shot deep in her tum.

The alpaca on Lulu's muzzle has been scissor cut
and her nose and mouth have been embroidered
using black perle thread. Her eyes are made from
black glass and accentuated by shading around
the eye area.  Shading also to the inner ears.

A lacey collar has been made and dyed with the
same colour as the alpaca and this ties up down
the back with a toning satin ribbon.

Adoption price:   £225 plus p&p

Totally pooped after a busy photo-shoot!

Thank you!

Lulu is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and
a name tag incorporating full details.

Lulu is a "one of a kind" bear and therefore
individually designed and handmade by myself.

Payment can be made by either cheque, cash, or by
credit card using Paypal (you do not need aPaypal account
in order
to use this facility plus it's so quick and easy to use!)

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Please contact me by email or phone if you would like further details.

Thank you.

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