I really am sorry for the lack of new Barling Bears
here for many months now, but 2017 was not a
good year for me healthwise especially when
cancer of a kidney reared its ugly head.

Thank you so much for the best wishes I have
received during the past year and also for
the wonderful comments on my bears.
I seem to have a very loyal band of wonderful
collectors who have added many Barling Bears
to their own bear Hug and I thank you all from
the bottom of my heart for your treasured support
and friendship. I look forward to showcasing
a new bear here as soon as I can so please
pop back now and then to take a peek!
I will keep you posted as to my progress!

Update:  I'm so pleased to say that I have now
started work on my new bear! He/she is a
two coloured bear and will be fairly large.
Current position: I am currently carefully stuffing the
bear and it's already pretty heavy so I am quite
excited about that.
It's all slowly coming together and it's so
lovely to be back bearmaking again ...

Marilyn xxxx

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Thank you.



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